amin karami

There is a new wave on the Danish urban scene. The artist Amin Karami is definitely one to notice. His music is an inspiring, evocative and emotional affair.
Urban-pop & RnB artist, Amin Karami, is a Danish singer that released his debut EP in the summer of 2015.
Make no mistake; he is not a rookie in the music business. He has worked with artist such as Troels Abrahamsen (Veto) and the two When Saints Go Machine-musicians Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton. Lucy Loves producer, Yo Akim co-produced the song ‘Monster’, which instantly became a radio hit.
His second single “Sammen I stykker”, which also is the title of the EP, is combining yearning and rainy days to create perfect harmony. The EP includes a large portion of melancholy, backed up beautifully by Amin’s voice and the beautiful production. Amin has a very simple and unique sound, he is a mesmerizing live-act and he has an incredible presence.



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