:labelmade: was founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by Rasmus Stabell, Thomas Børresen and Jeppe Federspiel.

We have over 13 years of experience in the music industry, by working, dealing and producing with and for major companies and artists in the entertainment industry.

Together we have produced, mixed, mastered, written, managed and performed with and for major artist all over the world. We know what it means to make a good record come through and succeed. It takes time and passion, we know that.

And through our huge experience working with major labels over the years we have seen many ways of dealing with music, but most important we’ve learned what NOT to do! We have been educated in the school of ”Do it yourself”.

So that’s what we do. We do it ourselves, we do it for the sake of good music. And we do it for the music that we truly love.


Rasmus Stabell, Thomas Børresen & Jeppe Federspiel

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