Waqas, from the band Outlandish, is out now with his first solo EP.

Last year, while Outlandish was on a much-needed break, Waqas fell into a very dark place, contemplating and trying to find himself at the age of 38, which reflects in his lyrics, as he tries to find himself as an artist and human being. The productions takes place in much more melancholy dreamy universe, than the realm of Outlandish. He joined forces with producer Jabs (Odd Collection) and filmmaker Amar, who helped him through this tough time with their support, and the result is called “Lucid Dreams”. To accompany this five track EP, they created at 12 min long black/white film, which they shot during trips to Iceland, Norway, The UK, Kuwait and Denmark.

The EP features Medina and Lenny from Outlandish.

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