Svenstrup & Vendelboe is one of Denmark’s most popular producer & DJ duo, whom first met at a nightclub in Copenhagen about 10 years ago. Kasper Svenstrup had already been producing music for several years, and Thomas Vendelbo had only just started experimenting with music production, but he had already more than 10 years of experience as a Club DJ, playing electronic music all over Denmark and in several European countries.
With their mutual interest and love for the electronic music scene, they started to create an enormous amount of remixes together, and a few years later they had their own first single released and a record deal with :labelmade:

The duo has since then released countless of singles, where most of them have achieved either gold or platinum certifications, and they have won 6 awards at The Danish Deejay awards.  They have had several club and festival tours during their career, and worked with stars like Medina, Robyn, Camille Jones, Infernal, Outlandish, Lil Wayne, Aligator, Thomas Helmig.

In late 2013, they released their first album, which was a combination of previous singles and new material. The album featured great artists and vocalists like MEDINA, NADIA MALM, KAREN, CHRISTOPHER, ENGELINA and THEIS.

In 2014, they release a single with the lovely jazzy Camille Jones called “Battlefield”

In 2015, they released yet another two singles. First singles was “I’ve been waiting” featuring Terri-B and then a remix of Linnea’s “Tomme ord”, both of which they performed at the big annual The Voice show at Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Svenstrup & Vendelboe are always trying to expand their sound, and have ventured in Pop, House, Electro, Electronica and even Acoustic slow jams.
This act is not just a regular DJ-set. It is an amazing combination of DJ mixing by Thomas and live performance by Kasper on keyboards and synths. Since they have made so many collaborations, a vocal artist often accompanies them on stage.

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