The rap-duo Specktors & the techno-trap-trio Nonsens presents SPECKNO

Both Specktors and Nonsens has previously mesmerized several venues and stages around and about in Denmark, and they’ve left the audience in frenzied ecstasy. Now they have merged into a quintet, and they released their first EP in the summer of 2015. The collaboration between Specktors and Nonsens came into existence after a planned studio-session, where a unique sense for live performance and festive energies was the common source of interest.

SPECKNO is all about having a good time.

With help from Nonsens, Specktors managed to find their way back to the rave-sound accompanied with rap, which they began back in 2008.
Conversely, Nonsens had been looking for the right vocals and features for their electronic productions.

Together, they provide a good mix of vocals, party, Nonsens, Specktors and rave!

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