Outlandish is a multi-award winning hip-hop group based in Denmark. Formed in 1997, they consist of Isam Bachiri (born in Denmark and of Moroccan background), Waqas Ali Qadri (born in Denmark and of Pakistani background), and Lenny Martinez (born in Honduras and is of Cuban and Honduran descent).Outlandish’s hip-hop/R&B/soul/ Club/ Electronic music sound takes influences from their various backgrounds (Moroccan/Arab/Amazigh, Pakistani/Punjabi and Latin American), and although their songs are primarily in English, they usually feature lyrics in Spanish, Urdu/Punjabi, Danish, and Arabic. All these influences make the music of Outlandish somehow unique and this is easy to notice from the variety of genres covered in their albums.

Outlandish is soon ready to relaese their 5th album “ The Cornershop Carnival”. A musical mix of the current clubscene, hiphop and soulfull music. Full album, ”The Cornershop Carnival, will be out TBC

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